In zgomot de masele supte?

Mai stiti voi melodia aia de la Cheloo, „In zgomot de masele supte”? M-am gandit astazi sa incerc si io minunatia de Google Chrome, doar asa ca sa vada si ochiu meu ce face concurenta. Primul site testat? Evident, Cand colo fi atent ce ma intreaba nebunia de browser: This site is in Romanian. Would you like to translate it? Plm, de ce sa nu. Sa vedem ce stie…

Bai nene, tot respectul pentru echipa care a facut feature-ul de translate, pentru ca mi se pare ca face o treaba pur si simplu extraordinara. Adica un non-romanian chiar poate sa inteleaga postul! Cu toate astea… unele chestii sunt de senzatie. (ginitul through binoculars) Nu de alta, dar daca Google nu cunoaste cuvantul, atunci il lasa asa cum e.

Here we go:

Peshte in Washington esterni

Friday 6:00 pm, Costin informs me she was going to go over that night. Departure time 2:00 am. Return time? The next day, 4pm. Where? Washington esterni. How far? Cam 3h driving. Read the ~ 230 miles. It is seen 460 miles round trip. A singer is ~ 750km. cuuumm So?

„But Costi, and a blog I wrote here some time ago in the Seattle area is ~ 40% water. Why should I go to look over 700km? „. „Let mah that is beautiful in that area – it’s driving, as you like. And it’s cool that after you pass the mountains to the east, is very hot, there’s no rain at all, and the area is very arid. In fact, Washington’s eastern desert near the border with Idaho. ” „Moaaa that mistooooo. It’s very nice ce’mi say, close behind me on the job with desertu. „But let me see if I understood well: We leave at about 40% water to go to fish in the desert?” Bai uncle, who decided not know this, but it’s clear that he had a message next to them …:D

And so yes, Friday at 10pm, went to the club. Drinking first RebBull. 1:30 pm I left home and gathered the boys club and a piece a piece Costin Cyprus. Randezvous point reached where a piece met with three piece Passat people. 2:20 pm we set sail and lying on the road. Drinking RedBull second coat while I was giving the still snowy mountains, besides the ski resorts, with Paterson destination. (A small-small-town kid from the southeast, situated on the border with Colombia, even in Oregon and about 2 hours from the border with Idaho).

On the outward journey I have nothing to say about landscapes (evident!), so you can say about speed. Passat was led by Michael, who apparently he’s not even a church door at the wheel. How at midnight there was no hell no police on the road, and we’ve managed to go a little father … like Romania. I was hard and I missed out an average of 140-160km / h on a continuous driving time. Top Speed? And do not tell you!:) We just say it was exactly like the last time RR. And you also said that my toy car „jumps” slightly in the 4th to 200km / h. And yet I was not in the red zone.… I love my!

A rising Baragan?
The railroad's effect
You can watch the sun, but my words ba ...
A ray of hope?

I just landed on the east bank of Colombia. I stayed with the guys and I ate some biscuits, I saw sunrise, I began to understand something of the field around me and I carried to sleep. Subaru seat folded in, and slept extremely well in the trunk in his sleeping bag. Much warmer than the tent. I was kind of difficult hilly and I take it ass down. Annoying as I was near a railroad and the first time she came I jumped trenu that burned in the bag because I thought that I wipe the whole drive. Woe at the state I panicked! I sprung ass eyes as onions, and not know where to run and where to go. Pulled the zipper bag – do not let me out hands. Portbagaju locked – the key that fell somewhere. And damn train kept coming. It took me 30-40 seconds until you realize what is happening and realize that if I do not cardiac arrest.

He's not even One Bedroom Apartment, but more spacious than 55m square house from Ikea 😀
Is it the train of life? I love this picture. I think that brings the image of Romanian movie old communist

On the September 1 so, woke up first and extract heat from the bag. After an hour, woke a second time and opened the car door. After about another 20 minutes the boys came to wake me. I have boots and I got out of the bedroom. I slept in Paterson, I slept about 3 hours and I woke Baragan. Bai brother looks exactly like, die. We had a very familiar feeling. And at 1:11, the sun was burning mad. If you stay away from water, wind blew a hot and dry about the blow dryer.

Even at 11, boys have been able to catch anything. And that was needed to drive 700km. I decided to put a grill, so I shared task: clean potatoes Costi, Cyprus is salad and I put ketchup. The rest are meat. Not the other, but I had nothing else to us besides meat: no potatoes, no salad, no ketchup:D

By the end of the day the boys managed to catch two large carp, perch and another over a strange, long and thin. Plus another one on which almost caught Costi, but i was forced to the road because it was too aggressive and had to pull him into the water. Or to beat. Or took pity. Or was chicken. Or do not know any other reason besides: did not know exactly how to handle the rod and the sucker to catch him to pull him out. He pulled the fish impaled.

All this time, we had no idea but I was haunted by an evil pair of eyes, probably through a hilltop, through binoculars. We left in peace and quiet all day to fish, give ‘was Ochiu lash ourselves from a distance. Not the other, but exactly when we prepared to leave, I never got the car better, as shown in 3 minutes to a huge SUV next to us: It was peshtlitia !

That is one that deals with „preserving wild life” around the area, and that appeared to wonder pesuit licenses, and to count our fabulous booty. You realize that there Cost laughed this distance he saw the fish that saved them, right?:)) Impressive, man knew exactly who and who’s not fishing, I had many rods in the water and that at some point, although all four rods to 4 people, a man taking care of two rods simultaneously. Thing apparently incorrect. Well, the boys had licenses, so that man and asked nicely apologized, thanked us and went back to his job: ginitul through binoculars.

Pestilitia in action!!

In return I used the 3rd Red Bull while I went through some places that I did not understand why they say that this area is arid. Too much like some parts of Turkey which has seen a roadtrip in a few years ago. Beautiful scenery, I have nothing to say. Very different. Interestingly, it is so different and yet so close to Seattle ploiosul.The difference is made by mountains, which act as a screen for clouds. That’s why you stay fucking with my head over the weeks in Redmond.

How much leaf, how much grass ...

End of story. 3:00 40 sleeping, 3 Redbulls, 4 fish, six friends and 750 km. Hell yeah! 😉

20 de gânduri despre &8222;In zgomot de masele supte?&8221;

  1. hahaha sunt primaaa de ca sunt aici in inima blogurilooor::))
    microsoft rulz stim doar asta ca esti tu la ei nuu?

    1. Bai nici nu ar trebui sa ma hit la ei cu asa greseli ….da ce sa fac … Am suflet de mama … So de aici probabil si greseala …

  2. buey da google era varza la traduceri pana acuma :|.. ca io mai profit de translateul de la ei si… lasa de dorit 😀

      1. are si vreo minunatie de traduce si ce’i dau eu ? 😀 Ca daca da, imi bag si eu Google Chrome, ca banuiesc ca folosesti browseru’ 😀

        1. eu folosesc chrome… si sunt chiar multumit de viteza 🙂 siteuri.. bookmarks etc 🙂

        2. eu folosesc mozila, si sunt f multumit de el, dar ma intrebamn daca chroome asta are cv de rtadus, ca mi’ar cam trb 😀

        3. lol, @John, nu te injur. E o lume libera, fiecare are dreptul sa isi faca alegerile :)) Plus ca nu stiu exact ce inseamna FTW, deci… 🙂

          @Catalinu, mai bine pui mana si inveti „ingleza” si traduci tu. Nu mai fi lenes si nu mai trisa la scoala

        4. sa stii ca anu asta a fost un an foarte productiv din punctu’ asta de vedere, am invat multe lucruri la en 😀 pov lunga, o sa’ti pov intr’o zi 🙂

          si in leg cu trisatu, nu’l foloseam pt asta 😀 ci ca sa mai traduc versurii, melodii, alea alea, ca nu ma chinui sa trisez acs 😀 intelegi u 🙂

          si app, cam slabutz cu posturile, eu deja ma asteptam sa nu am tim psa citesc la cata valu de posturi o sa vina, ba u , ba sorta, si cand colo nimik.. [vorbe don’le, vorbe!]

        5. pai tu crezi ca sormea a venit aici ca sa scriem impreuna posturi? :)) A venit aici sa ne distram. De unde rezulta timp mai putin…

          Da’ las ca vine. Acu de fabrica

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