Block party

Well, I’ve been thinking for some while now whether to start writing some of the posts in english or not. There are multiple sides of this approach, so I couldn’t make a decision yet. On one hand, there are some guys around here who torture themselves trying to read my posts using G translate, and I think I can give them a hand by writing in English from time to time. Some of them accused me of speaking in hebrew, so this is the least I can do for them :)) I’m thinking to do this at least for some of the posts that are relevant for the over-the-ocean-population. On the other hand, I do prefer writing in Romanian, since this is the only way in which I can still write more than 5 lines (a usual email) in my native language. You realize that the rest of my writings over here are in english… 🙂

This being said, let’s consider this as the first pilot, and see how it goes. I’m waiting for some feedback for this crap, so don’t be afraid to spit it out in comments 😛 Sorry mom and dad for this, but I think it’s time you two start learning some english anyway, since you plan to head here soon. I don’t want you to get lost in a freakin’ airport somewhere because you can’t read the word „GATE” :)) So, starting today, I have created two new categories: „English story”, which has an obvious purpose, and „Offtopic” which will be set to all posts that have no connection with me, with me being in US or with my adventure here. (e.g. General Butt Naked – which, by the way, I see you didn’t enjoy that much, did you?)

Now, coming to today’s story. This weekend I’ve been invited to a barbeque in Seattle at a friend’s birthday party. It was pretty awesome because it was on a terrace at 1st floor in an apartment complex, so if you looked around you could see a lot of really tall buildings which gave you the feeling that you make the barbeque in the middle of the street. Do you know those videos with rappers having parties in the middle of the street, with huge speakers and really loud music? Hehe, what can I say? It was interesting enough 😛 Of course we had a great time, dancing and yelling, so there were a lot of guys on the balconies around us looking down like they were watching a bloody movie. „Dude, what’s yo problem? Go home to your wife and stop wathcing how we’re drinking our beers! AND PLEASE stop counting them, will ya?”  😛

Această prezentare necesită JavaScript.

An interesting part of the party was the Piñata. Well, I have to admit this is the first time I go to a mexican birthday party, so I found this tradition really funny. The idea is to get a chicken / star / donkey or any other shape built out of colorful paper, hang it over from a rope, and hit it with a stick until you destroy it. This tradition is for children of course, so the Piñata should be filled with candies and sweets. Well, we’re not 12 anymore, so our had more condoms than candies inside it. :)) The really funny part was that we decided to make the game a little more dangerous by tieing the girl’s eyes, so she couldn’t see anything. Then, we would spin her around, and just let the poor girl roam trying to find the freaking chicken. Well, she almost murdered Miguel in one of her tries, and I managed to get him on camera while he’s trying to run for his life :)) And there’s another guy in the corner who ducks to avoid the furious girl :))

lol, look at the poor chicken's head Ruunnn for your liifeeeee
Miguel I don't know what you did, but you definitely pissed her off dude! I dunno why she chose you, you don't look that much like the chicken :)) Not with that rasta hair at least 😀
Kinder Surprise?

Lol, I just got some intel on Skype from Hani, telling me that apparently this tradition is pretty well known because of all the soap operas which run on Romanian TV. But I never watched any of those so I wouldn’t know, would I? 😛 All the pictures were taken with the bloody phone, so they’re not that awesome. Oh yeah, and we did dance a lot of latino, including merengue, bachata and salsa, my love. 😛 And I enjoyed this because most of the guests were from Latino-enabled countries, and you know those countries are like a magnet for me. 😀

Oh, and the above story happened on Saturday. Besides this, I should tell you how I thought I won’t get out alive from a really weird „date” in Federal Way. Well, Stefan told me that people usually make use of their guns in that city, but I said „What the heck, it can’t be that bad, right?” Well I was deeply wrong :)) I’ll never go back there in my life! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’ve seen any gun or anything, but the russians I had to meet were really gangsta-like. Same for the car which followed us from a girl’s house to the highway. I think they were peaceful enough and they just wanted to make sure we leave the neighborhood, and that we’re not coming back to their women. Ever again. :))

Now, even if we’re english-enabled today, I will still „Pup” you, ‘cause Kisses sounds really weird. 😛 Oh, english speakers: Even though you can read it as „poop”, please keep in mind it’s in Romanian so it has a different meaning 🙂 Please use your knowledge of romanian for this word :))


PS. It’s a free blog, so your comments, of course, can be in any language you wish. Even in C# for those of you who master the secrets of .NET :))

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  1. hahahahahah this pilot is awesome bro really i laughed mys ass out..there is the expression again
    c’mon russian this is especially 4 your ass ::))
    well not only..

    1. well, as you said sis, not ONLY for him, but he is an important member of the audience. So it would be nice of him to read it and say something. I mean, it would be disrespect otherwise… right russian? 😀 No pressure, I’m just saying… :))

      anyway I’m glad you liked it sis! 😀

  2. Man, this fragment
    „I don’t want you to get lost in a freakin’ airport somewhere because you can’t read the word ”GATE” ”
    just made me realize something: Microsoft is all about gates and windows!

    1. Ma duc sa ma culc acu, ca’s mort. Ma apuc maine sa caut sa vad de ce dumnezeu sau de care mama m-ai injurat :))))

      Imi place ca smileys de la sfarsit sunt internationali. Sau multinational. Ii recunosti rapid… 😛

        1. =))=)) I dunno what language you used dude, ‘couse if i’m looking in Japannese, it says something about resolution. If I look in chineese I get this:
          Minunat, pot sa spun … cum ar fi cititul un alt blog, pentru că îmi pot imagina vă vorbi engleza asa de repede

          =))=)) Cool

      1. Sometimes Google translate sucks. The right translation sounds like this: „Minunat, ce pot spune….parca as citi un alt blog, pentru ca nu mi te pot imagina vorbind in engleza la fel de repede” and yes, it was chineese.

        Anyway, maybe it’s my fault because I can’t read in english as fast as you talk and I can’t reproduce the sound of your voice :)))

    1. :)) Ask for a bigger one, so you can hit it with your surf board instead of the stick :)):)) Maybe you can request one with the shape of a dolphin. 😀

      I’m sorry to ask, I don’t wanna be rude, but who do you plan to send this request to? WWPA? (World Wide Piñata Association) :))

        1. =)) 65% inseamna un pic peste jumate, nici macar 3 sf. :)) si te miri ca nu ai ras? Pai ia si tu g translate si cauta doar cuvintele care nu le stii. Asa creste vocabularul 😛

          Eu cum crezi ca fac aici? 😀

        2. ai folosit g translate ? :))

          Eu am lasat’o mai moale cu en.. am avut multa trb zilele astea, in sf am luat vacantza, am planuri mari pt vacantza 😀 Vreau sa’mi gasesc un job 😀

        3. pentru postul asta nu, evident :)) Ce incercam sa iti zic e ca folosesc dictionarele f des aici. Cand citesc mailuri si nu stiu un cuvant, cand scriu mailuri si caut sinonime, etc.

          Nu prea inteleg eu cum vine treaba asta cu: „am luat vacanta si am avut multa treaba”. Io zic ca mai bine lasi jobu si te apuci de eng si programare ca lumea. Daca nu macar distreaza-te 🙂

        4. de distrat ma distrez ma 😕 si en si info, asta vreau sa fac… Nush cat de rpd reusesc sa invat C# asta ca sa pot scoate cv banutzi din el 😕 Hai ca vb p mail ca incepem sa face chat acilishea :)) iti zic mai multe acolo 🙂

  3. „Bloody phone”? Duuuude, are you trying to be American or Scottish? I’ve imagined a ginger head with a red beard saying something about a „blooooody beer”. I think it was a commercial..

    1. Scotish, IRISH, British, who cares? They all drink a lot :)) Plus, „bloody” is a word that I use here a lot. I find it funny because nobody else does, and people give me funny looks whenever I use it… Well, I had to find some new expressions over here, so I can keep my originality. 😛

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