MBA Essay 1

In postul in care va povesteam ca m-au acceptat la MBA si ca urmeaza sa incep in Decembrie, va spuneam si ca s-ar putea sa va public candva eseele de aplicare, macar vreo doua. Cum am primit feedback pozitiv atunci, iaca uite-le. Sa imi spuneti cum va suna. Celor de la facultate le-au placut, evident. Sunt bazate pe fapte reale 🙂

O sa radeti dar in eseul asta chiar am aplicat o parte din propriile mele invataturi pe care vi le-am scris de mult, in Februarie, in „Peste 5 ani„. M-a amuzat coincidenta subiectului precum si faptul ca am considerat util sa ma intorc sa imi recitesc propriul post pentru sugestii si idei. Gata cu vorbaria, spor la lectura.

Essay 1: Why have you decided to apply to the TMMBA Program? What are your career goals in the next 5 to 10 years and how will an MBA help you reach these goals? Limit to 500 words or less.

My 5 year plan and TMMBA

Radu Mocanita

With so many variables in a dynamic world, developing a 5-years plan is getting harder, while delivering exactly according to it is close to impossible. However, setting a North Star to follow is always a good idea. In the next few paragraphs, I will describe what my North Star is, and why TMMBA is the best next step for me.

In the next decade, I see myself in a position where I can influence people’s life through my daily activities. I want my personal influence to affect all the peers within my organization but specifically the ones I supervise. Even more, I want to influence a company which in turn, influences the way people live their lives. I want to work in a field with great impact on communities around the world, thriving with a company dedicated to helping people improve their lifestyles. Commuting and healthy living are two areas of interest, as they are current problems which affect day to day choices. To me, finding solutions to daily frustrations such as these would be highly rewarding, as well as constructive and ideally profitable.

In order to have such a profound impact, I need to be in a high management position, one that can give me the influence to change the organization’s behavior and improve its products. Whether I enter into an already matured company or decide to start my own enterprise, I want to strive for a central role that would allow me to make important decisions which steer the company’s direction to market opportunities. As long as I believe in the company’s vision, I can equally dedicate myself to somebody else’s company like I would to my own.

Separately, both career-wise and personally, technology always attracted me like a magnet. Even before college, I developed interest in artificial intelligence and software development practices. I wanted to be a part of the new era of technology that everyone was talking about. Therefore, by combining my will to have an impact and my love for technology, I weighed all the decisions I had to take in my life and it is exactly what I am doing now when choosing my MBA. I know I need more leadership skills in order to be successful as a leader. I want to know how to negotiate effectively while keeping my integrity as a business person. Moreover, I want to know how to develop a successful business plan, how to gain investors’ trust and how to trigger growth in a dynamic and competitor-saturated IT market. I believe all of these are required skills to build – or run – a company that can make a difference and that all of them should be part of any exec’s survival booklet.

This is why I believe TMMBA is the perfect fit for me. A business curricula built on technology case studies, all in 18 intensive months while surrounded by IT professionals, driven by a similar passion as mine, is exactly what I need from my MBA.


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