MBA Essay 2

Pentru eseul asta m-am inspirat din unele dintre training-urile de soft skills si leadership pe care le-am facut in ultimii ani – ca si cu blogul, am avut bulan si cu alea ca mi-au dat idei. Dar povestea in sine este total adevarata asa ca, daca sunteti inca in facultate pe domeniul tehnic, va recomand sa intrati musai in legatura cu echipa locala MSP. Sa faci parte din echipa asta este o experienta senationala in anii de facultate!

Essay 2: Where in your background would we find evidence of your leadership capacity or potential? Describe the situation and the impact you had on a person, group or organization. Limit to 500 words or less.

Leadership potential

Radu Mocanita

I always believed that a true leader has a few born qualities which are later carved and sharpened by experience and continuous learning. Among these, you can count the desire to help others to succeed, the will to be a model and to lead by example, as well as the satisfaction to guide and influence others. These are qualities that I enjoy and I take every chance to shape others, help them give their best and become better at what they do.

During undergraduate studies in Computer Science, I became very passionate about improving the inefficiencies in software development practices. According to most statistics, these practices make the critical difference between the success and failure of an IT project. This, along with my passion for technology, led me to join Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) – a student organization, promoting cutting edge technology exemplified through Microsoft solutions. There was no financial motivation from neither Microsoft nor the University for such a role. The only motivation I had was the desire to influence people’s education and to be close to people like myself – driven by the passion for technology. This was the fuel that gave me the energy to wake up at 6am on a Saturday morning to prepare for a presentation.

As a MSP, the role I had was to teach and coach students to write quality software, while being more efficient. Leading by example, I was focused on promoting better software development methodologies and urging students to follow software design principles. To this purpose, I held seminars, talks and hands-on trainings for my university colleagues. My hidden benefit was that, while learning how to teach others, I increased my own knowledge on the subject. Presenting in front of educated crowds revolutionized my public speaking skills while increasing my charisma. Plus, it was fun – I interacted with a lot of interesting and smart people who were genuinely interested in my initiatives.

However, this was not an easy task. At that point, I had to balance my studies, my full time job and my voluntary activity. But even though it was unpaid, it paid off. The most fulfilling moments were when, after the seminar, students would tell me how much it helped them for their final exams. Some were asking for my help with other projects they were doing outside their studies. I felt privileged to help them progress with their passion for software development. In one occasion, one of my students called me after about 2 years from his graduation to tell me he wants to apply the same Agile Methodologies I thought him at his new workplace. He invited me to have a similar presentation for his coworkers, offer which I was pleased to accept.

MSP was an amazing experience! It helped me establish deep relationships and lifetime friendships while allowing me to follow my passion of driving others to success. Through this experience, I got to know myself better and I discovered how rewarding other people’s achievements are if you’re a part of their way there.


8 gânduri despre &8222;MBA Essay 2&8221;

    1. mda vezi numa sa nu te bagi in mai multe decat poti duce… Ca mai rau decat sa nu te bagi in chestii este sa te bagi si sa dezamagesti lumea 😉

      In plus, nu uita ca ASE-ul pare relax asa la inceput. Vi din liceu relaxat, te gandesti ca te descurci tu la examene. Si apoi vezi surprize… Nu ca ar fi foarte grele nici alea, da’ e mare diferenta relativ la restul semestrului.

      Asta iti zice un om care s-a trezit cu 4 restante din 6 examene in primul semestru la ASE :))

      1. mda, la asta ma gandeam si eu, dar nu e chestia de dezamagit, e chestia ca vezi care e treaba, iti place, te bagi, nu’ti place, nu te bagi :)) renunti si gata, oricum oraru e super relax, in liceu aveam de 2 ori mai multe ore, ca am fost intensiv info. Lunea o am libera :)) si in rest cate 3 cursuri sau seminare pe zi :)) viatza ! In timp ce astia de la poli mor cu cate cel putin 6 cursuri in fiecare zi 😐 wtf ?

        1. dadada, asa ziceam si eu, ca e relax. Si la exam ti-o da de nu te vezi, deci ai grija 🙂

          Nu zic acu ca ar fi examenele la ASE mai grele decat la Poli doamne fereste. Dar macar pe aia la Poli ii freaca din timpul semesturlui tare si stiu la ce sa se astepte 🙂

  1. Foarte fain scris.
    „revolutionized my public speaking skills while increasing my charisma” .. aici aveam imaginea din jocul Sims cu tine si „+1 charisma” in fata oglinzii :)))

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