TMMBA Week in the Life: Day 2

Radu Mocanita, TMMBA Student, Class of 2015

Hello and welcome back

Traffic Tuesdays. Does anyone know why traffic is worse on Tuesdays? What makes people wake up in sync and hit the road all at the same time, only on Tuesdays?! Never mind, I don’t think I want to find that out anyway.

8:30, finally got to work. During the day I had a Skype call with the Professional Communication teacher for a personal coaching session on my presentation skills. She watched the recording of my 3 minute presentation in front of the class and she provided very good and constructive feedback. If you think that having a one hour presentation can be challenging, you should try a 3 minute one in which you have to talk about yourself and your work experience, in a manner that engages the audience and captivates their attention. And you have to do that in only 3 minutes, with no slides.

MBA Rap jokes
MBA Rap jokes

There’s one great thing about Tuesdays – it’s one of the few days in the week in which I don’t have a to be somewhere to do something after work (like classes, review sessions, study group meetings). Sure, I have to study, no doubt about that. But at least I can go straight home after work and focus on it. It’s 5:00 pm already, so I am getting ready to head out. My manager already knows I’m doing this so she understands when I hit the door at 5:15.

At 6 o’clock I am already at home so I grab dinner and rest for about 30 minutes. That’s all I have until I’ll have to start writing this blog post and then focus on studying. I’m going to be honest with you, the week I chose for this exercise is by far not one of the easier ones. In the weekend we had a deadline for two assignments (Statistics and Microeconomics) and now I have another one at Micro due for Thursday. On Friday we’ll have our final Stat exam published and due on Sunday when the Micro exam will be published. What a week! Sometimes I wonder what I have gotten myself into? 🙂

Well, if it sounds like a lot, I should tell you that it’s not that bad. Once you’ve already started, it’s easier than it seems, because when you’re outside, analyzing it, you feel like you’re already fully booked. Well, my friends, here’s a piece of advice: time can stretch. You’ll never know how much you can accommodate in your schedule until you actually have to do it. If you feel like there’s no room for anything else, you’re wrong. Something can still be squeezed in. If you sit and do the math, the number of hours you have to invest in the program is decent. However, it is very hard to catch-up in case you fall behind on readings, so don’t procrastinate!

Ok, enough for today. With the awful Seattle weather fully present tonight, I am going to light up the fire in the fireplace, grab the micro book and a cup of tea and spend the evening trying to figure out the Pricing Techniques chapter. I know that after I’ll be done with the MBA, I’ll miss evenings like this.


17 gânduri despre &8222;TMMBA Week in the Life: Day 2&8221;

    1. mai bine ati scrie comnetariile tot timpul unul de la un computer celalalt de la celalalt si asa v-ar ramane numele acolo 🙂

    1. eh sa nu exageram, chiar „placere” nu i-as spune. Dar da, serile alea in care invat langa semineu au farmecul lor

  1. :)) am vazut pe fuga ce era pe tabla si am citit „undercover comunist”.. si eram ceva de genul.. wtf are you learning there? :))))

  2. In fiecare zi de sarbatoarecomuna(nu a membrilor familiei) adica 25 dec; 1 ian; 25 mart; Craciunul;Pastele; , de ani de zile am asteptat un mesaj de la tine…
    Oare de ce nu ai a ne spune nimic cu aceste deosebite evenimente..?
    Chiar crezi (in ceva)?

    1. cred in multe da’ cred dupa propriile mele principii.

      Ce sa spun? Paste fericit? E plin facebooku de ele, vezi ca gasesti acolo cate urari vrei. Daca am un subiect de povestit, atunci cu siguranta am sa inchei cu urarea de rigoare 🙂

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