Pearl Harbor, Oahu

Dragilor cum v-am promis in primul post, iata ca in finalul seriei Hawaii 2014 va prezint pozele de la Pearl Harbor. Asta pentru ca stiu ca sunt multi barbati printre voi acolo carora le place sa vada poze cu armament, avioane si alte minuni 🙂 Descrierile nu imi apartin ci sunt luate de pe situl oficial al muzeului,

The USS Missouri, also known by her nickname ‘Mighty Mo’, was the last battleship ever constructed by the United States. It is also the only ship in the naval fleet to have fired her guns in both World War II and Persian Gulf Wars. Most significantly, however, was her role in bringing the Second World War to its conclusion; the Empire of Japan formally surrendered to the United States on her decks on September 2, 1945.

Meet USS Missouri – Guns Guns and more Guns
Dupa cum spuneam, a LOT of guns
Cam asa se vedea de sus
Tunurile din spate
Guns against the sky
Si un machinegun
Poza adevarata de la momentul capitularii Japoniei, la bordul USS Missouri

Launched December 7, 1942, the USS Bowfin submarine served an illustrious career in the Pacific War. In nine separate combat patrols in Japanese waters, she sunk a total of 38 ships and small craft and racked up nearly 100,000 nautical miles traveled before being decommissioned in 1947. In addition to her combat duties, she and her crew performed lifeguard missions, rescuing downed pilots who ejected out in the ocean

Meet USS Bowfin
Un gun de pe punte
Brrrr poc poc poc
Kaiten – One man Japanese Suicide Torpedo

USS Arizona Memorial – The Date of Infamy that launched an epic conflict with Japan took place here in the early morning hours of December 7, 1941. The tranquil waters of Pearl Harbor were forever disrupted by the tides of war. The USS Arizona and 1,177 of her crew were among the first casualties of the Pacific War; the USS Arizona Memorial stands above the sunken vessel and her fallen sailors, serving as a reminder of their sacrifice and commitment.

The ghostly tomb – poza wikipedia

Pacific Aviation museum – The Pacific theater of World War II introduced a major paradigm shift in naval warfare, as the battleship ceded its dominance of the oceans to the aircraft carrier. Air power over the seas was crucial to the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor; naval aviation too led to U.S. victory. It is here in a former hangar on Ford Island that the Pacific Aviation Museum preserves the history of the warbirds of the Pacific War.

One fighter
Two fighter
Three fighter
WW2 kind of attack plane
Un bombardier real, prabusit si vreo 30 de ani mai tarziu pescuit de printr-o mlastina de langa Australia
Multe multe elicoptere, si rescue si black hawks si apache, tot ce vrei
Dupa cum spuneam 🙂
Another one
Asta era din ala de cara marini la razboi
Sa nu ziceti ca va mint
Inauntrul lui

Gata dragilor, sper ca v-a placut scurta plimbare pe scena americana a celui de-al Doilea Razboi Mondial. Hai va pup si ca de obicei, va astept cu comments, ca sunt curios daca gasiti astfel de posturi „istorice” interesante.



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    1. 🙂 mda, corect. Si desi erau cateva de search and rescue, majoritatea nu fac decat sa secere moarte si distrugere

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